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Corporate Solutions

Our corporate clients benefit from a wide range of services we offer through three distinct companies, part of our group:


Raymond Education is the largest supplier of early childhood and primary school resources and supplies in the middle east. They also handle the education sector when it comes to Zoono treatment or bulk inquiries.

Zoono, when applied in an educational facility through spray-fogging using our industrial machines and qualified team of technicians, will render all surfaces, toys and accessories germ free for a period of 30 days from a single application.

We are already treating a number of schools and nurseries, helping them minimize cross-contamination and canceling any threat or any type of outbreaks within the facility.

We also provide high quality automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for our Zoono Germfree24 product. Zoono hand sanitizer protects the hands from germs for 24 hours from a single application.


Sanitech is our Environmental Solutions arm. They specialize in A/C deep unit, duct cleaning and sanitization and coating complete A/C systems with Zoono. Our Zoono Mold Guard product, when applied in low friction areas such as inside the ducting system or on the A/C unit coils, can protect the system for a period of 6 months from a single application. Zoono will prevent the build up of bacteria, mold, fungi or any other microorganisms. Since mold is an unfortunate result of higher than average humidity in our part of the world, the Zoono treatment can save our residential and commercial clients from any mold spores dispersed in the air they breathe hence limiting the risk of developing allergies indoors.


Zoono UAE trains and supplies Zoono products in bulk to facilities having the capability of conducting the treatment internally. Most of our clients are larger groups of companies, governmental entities, facility management companies, healthcare facilities and hotels.

Feel free to contact us for further information about our corporate portfolio.