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To share what we tried, tested and decided to use ourselves. Everyday. Oh and what we made our kids use.



We aim to keep testing stuff and keep sharing them with you in the long-term. We're not in the business of hiding what we like. If we like it, we try it. If it changes our life, we share it.



We are a group of busy parents and professionals helping other busy parents and professionals live a better life.
Everything we sell has been tested and is being used by every single one of us on a daily basis.
Other than this online store, we also operate offline companies helping nurseries, schools, clinics and hospitals improve their environment while minimizing cross-contamination and sicknesses in their facilities.
We treat facilities, deep clean and treat Air Conditioning systems with ZOONO. We spray toys, tables and chairs, desks, patients rooms, door handles, bathrooms, kitchens and play areas.
We approach every client, every partner and every employee as parents before being a business, because this is what we are - we want what's best for our families and we know they want what's best for theirs.
At nanolevel and Zoono UAE, we believe that prevention is better than cure, especially from germs. But with prevention comes a big responsibility, be careful what you use, especially on a daily basis. If you're not sure, please ask. (yes we're talking about the nasty stuff we use to sanitize).
Drop us a note on and we'll be glad to help.
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