About Us

nanolevel is an all-in-one solution for indoor air quality problems in a wide range of market sectors. Air pollution is everywhere, but so is nanolevel.


Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) represent a serious hazard for both patients and staff. Surfaces are regularly sterilized to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination through physical contact. What about the air? Viruses and bacteria can remain airborne for up to 45 minutes, giving them plenty of time to find a host. The Viruskiller range’s powerful filters and sterilization reactor take care of this by constantly sampling the air and disinfecting it. Instead of being a source of concern, hospitals can be seen for what they really are: a place to heal.


Fine dust particles and droplets containing blood, saliva, bacteria, viruses and mercury from old fillings can remain suspended in the air for hours, leaving patients and staff vulnerable to cross-contamination. Fine particles and chemicals used in cleaning procedures create clouds which get inhaled; prolonged exposure can cause diseases and respiratory problems. The Viruskiller range counters these microscopic threats with its tried and tested combination of HEPA filters, activated carbon filters and sterilization reactors.


Classrooms are potential hotbeds for harmful airborne contaminants. With tens of people present in a room, indoor air quality can degrade quickly, leading to lapses in concentration, performance, and retention, as well as sickness and absence. Teachers are twice as likely to catch colds and flus as other professionals. Chronic exposure of school aged children to indoor air pollutants can lead to long term health effects and allergies. The Viruskiller range of products can help institutions protect its pupils and staff while paying back their investment in a short period of time.


Carpets, pets, washing clothes and the busy comings and goings of the average household combine to create a dusty environment. Pollen, dust mites and pet dander all play a part in allergic reactions but can be filtered out efficiently using our products. In older buildings, mold and fungal spores can be released into the air and cause a range of respiratory problems. Formaldehyde is a key concern; it off-gasses from new carpets, fresh paint, clothes and furniture, and, along with other volatile organic compounds, is produced every time we cook. As well as removing all these pollutants, our products can actively protect your home from the spread of sickness.

Leisure & Fitness

Urban gyms often have high levels of airborne dust. Formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are also a problem, off-gassing from equipment, carpets and cleaning products. Our breathing rate increases during exercise, delivering pollutants faster and deeper into our lungs. Besides eliminating dust, chemicals, and viruses, our products’ powerful reactor modules also neutralize traffic pollution, providing safe indoor air to fuel workouts. Fitness centers will benefit from customizable “We Share Clean Air” banners and will be featured on the “Clean Air Map”, providing them with an invaluable competitive advantage.


The importance of making a good first impression on your customers cannot be understated. Despite your best efforts to create the perfect welcome, a visitor will immediately notice if there are any unpleasant smells, particularly in their hotel room. Don’t let foul odors ruin your guests’ experience. Our products destroy odors, creating a healthy and fresh indoor environment. Our smallest unit, Hextio, is specifically designed for hotel rooms. It is compact, quiet, and uses very little energy. To enhance the air quality even further, there is the option to add a fragrance filter to Hextio.


While other aspects of a child’s environment may be carefully monitored, air quality is difficult to control. We are passionate about creating safe and healthy environments for children to learn and grow in. For convenience, most nurseries are situated close to busy roads carrying thousands of vehicles a day. The pollutants produced include nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, which can rise to dangerously high levels in local buildings. Prolonged exposure has been linked to permanently reduced lung function in children, as well as inflammation of the airways and asthma. Health impacts related to poor indoor air quality can be avoided with our products. Pollen, dust and dander responsible for allergic reactions are filtered out of the air, traffic pollution and particulate matter from nearby roads are neutralized, viruses and bacteria are destroyed.

Elder Care

As we age, our immune systems become less effective at fighting illness, and a single airborne virus can prove deadly. Staff in elder care facilities are constantly battling outbreaks of infection and unpleasant odors. When elderly people catch the flu, their airways become inflamed, leaving them vulnerable to bacterial infections such as pneumonia. Elderly people are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses such as lung, heart or liver disease, and air pollution further increases these risks. Eldercare facilities work hard to create a pleasant environment for patients, but the cleaning products themselves can be hazardous, and despite regular use, strong odors could persist. As well as removing particulate matter, smoke, mold and allergens, our products are effective at removing toxic gases and traffic pollution products.