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The Airgle Personal air purifier and sterilizer (AG25) is conveniently built for dual operation in both car and office environments, making it a great pick for you.

The AG25 is equipped with cHEPA, activated carbon and Photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) filtration technologies that remove airborne pollutants, such as dust particles, odors, second-hand smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens and VOCs.  The AG25 also features Airgle auto cleaning technology and auto temperature control settings for ultimate comfort and ease.


The air enters simultaneously through the left and right air ducts for rapid air purification. Once the air passes through a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and US patented PCO technology, the cHEPA filter purifies and expels clean, refreshing air.

Gas & Odor Filter: Captures gaseous pollutants - Features 3.52 ounces of coconut shell activated carbon and removes smoke and odors. Purifies TVOC and formaldehyde.

cHEPA Filter: Filters particulate contaminants - Features 1.08 sq ft of premium cHEPA filter , which has an efficiency of 99.999% for 0.003 micron particles, and removes particulates, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and other airborne pollutants.

Titanium Pro: Removes bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds - Our patented Titanium Pro Module kills up to 99.95% of bacteria and viruses with PCO technology.



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