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Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers: How Much Is Too Much?

You probably all now have a bottle of hand sanitizer, you carry around with you wherever you go. What if we told you that not all you know about sanitizers is accurate? Read More

5 Important Roles an Oxygen Boost Can Play in Your Everyday Life

This article is dedicated to all those busy bees that keep our economy moving forward. We all know about oxygen… don’t we? It’s that magical thing that our little blue planet somehow got enough of to sustain life – and which we now take for granted. We’ve all been taught that air is roughly 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and a 1% mix of everything else. The fact is that in many cases the 21% we’re used to seeing in school textbooks is a luxury. You’re sitting in your office, late in the day, deadline looming, and the last thing you...

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Indoor Air Quality 101

So you live and work in the UAE. Congratulations. I do too. You’re also probably making good money. Your friends may envy you. Or not. While we tend to work hard and hit our targets or KPIs at work, we always tend to avoid the ‘how long we’re staying in this country’ forecast. Since we’re here, let’s talk about the air we breathe. Why? Because unfortunately, we spend at least six months a year going from inside to inside and inhale around 11,000 liters of air daily. Fine, so if you have an office job, you spend an average of...

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Flu Season: All You Need to Know in a Nutshell

It’s now September, which means one of the Emirates’ flu seasons is right around the corner. That’s right folks, that time of year where a single sneeze causes panic. Parents worry about their kids. Managers are frustrated with employee absence. Hospitals receive more and more patients. We lie in bed all feverish, blow our noses for the 177thtime, and painfully reach out for our cup of tea. We wonder: how could a species that found cures to so many illnesses still have trouble with something so silly as a common cold? Why Are Viruses Dangerous? Here’s a simple answer: viruses are constantly mutating,...

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