Hextio | Air Purification x 10

Sterilize the air and remove odors

Hextio employs the principle of photocatalytic oxidation – a technology developed by NASA to resolve ethylene buildup in their spacecraft. Hextio uses improved reflection and refraction in its reactor tubes to enhance its efficiency by 10 times when compared to standard photocatalytic oxidation technologies. It is the most compact, stylish, fully automated and cost-effective air purifier and sterilizer for home and office spaces of 20 m2.

Ever wonder what germs and viruses lurk around the office? The contaminants from just one sneeze can remain airborne for up to an hour. Hextio neutralizes airborne viruses and bacteria – keeping the air you breathe safe and healthy. With Hextio, we offer an affordable, maintenance-free sterilizer in one compact package.

In addition to being the perfect solution for indoor air quality at home, Hextio is ideal for hotel rooms and offices. Its compact size, ability to be surface-stood or wall-hung, plug and play, superb efficiency on both biological contaminants and odors and low energy consumption mean that achieving perfect indoor air quality is no longer expensive.

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Compact, stylish and fully automated

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The most compact sterilizer just became
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