More Than Purification

Compact, stylish and fully automated.
Hextio doesn’t catch viruses, it kills them.


Feed Your Brain

Give yourself an oxygen boost to tackle a busy lifestyle.


Air Quality monitoring just got

With nine built-in industrial grade air quality sensors,
access your data anytime, anywhere.


Sterilization+ Purification

Filter what can be filtered and neutralize the rest.


More than Purification

All indoor air pollutants fall under 3 categories: inert, biological and chemical. The most efficient commercially available filters (HEPA) can only catch particles larger than 0.3 microns. This can be dangerous, since they provide a platform for the growth of biological contaminants. The only solution for this is to neutralize them in real time. With our products’ combination of filters and powerful sterilization reactors, we catch all that can be caught and neutralize what must be neutralized.

Feed Your Brain

Did you know that our brain uses 20% of the oxygen that we inhale despite only accounting for 2% of our weight? Indoor spaces often face a drop in oxygen levels as the working day progresses. This leads to reduced concentration and performance. The INBair O2 tackles this issue by delivering a 40% concentrated oxygen supply to your brain. Long hours, long flight, or too much fun last night? Plug in, rest easy, and feed your brain.

Air Quality Monitoring

We know that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. However, pinpointing the exact issue can be tricky. Our IoT remote monitoring solutions enable you to keep track of what’s in the air and compare against regulations. Create alerts, receive notifications by SMS or email, and be in full control of your indoor air quality. Our plug-and-play devices are equipped with a SIM card, allowing for a convenient, single-step setup, and our fully customizable dashboards display all you need to know on one screen.

People Affected By Air Pollution

6,500,000Deaths per year 92%Of population affected 67% Cause of all diseases 16%UAE residents suffering
from asthma

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